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Christmas Food Family Friends Festivities
December 07, 2020

Christmas Food Family Friends Festivities

Hi! Guys,

Year 2020 is and will be an unforgettable year for sure. We are in the last month of it already. There are still plenty of places closed. So, it limits a lot of shopping and gift options.

Well, I learned this very early on from my mom that gift idea can be realistic, but elegant at the same time. Let's find out!

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Gift Ideas

We all love surprises and a thoughtful gift on a special day, no matter what the reason is and when it is during the year, it always feels great to receive one.

As we get older, sometimes material stuff is not as important as it used to be. My mom always asks us to give her something that she can eat and enjoy due to this same reason. So, Christmas cookies is an obvious gift idea. But some people may like to stay away from sweet. What other options you can get? Soup mix in a jar, putting together a food basket based on your knowledge of your gift recipient. For family, you can get them food delivered at their door or grocery store gift cards.

Fun Culture

Gifts / Presents

Pronunciation of the above 2 Chinese words in Cantonese is "lai mug". Mandarin is pronounced as "li wu". If we separate these words and translate them individually, their meaning is very extreme. "Lai" or "Li" means manner or polite. "Mug" or "Wu" means thing or stuff.

Wrapping gifts nicely for a big surprise is always wonderful. But you know how the wrapping process is, especially if there are more than 10 you need to wrap.

In Chinese culture, wrapping gift is optional. If you wrap it, of course, the person receives it appreciate very much. If you don’t wrap your gift, no offense. People are still super happy to accept your gifts. In fact, many Chinese do not have the habit of wrapping gifts.

Featuring Recipe

Uncle Joe’s Prime Rib

This is the time of the year to enjoy prime rib. It is a secret recipe from my uncle that he is so proud of that he doesn’t like to disclose to anybody else. I happened to see him putting it together once, went back home, tested it and wrote this recipe.

The best part of this prime rib recipe is that it is super flavorful. I guarantee that you will never have it from the restaurant again. Recipe

Product I Recommend

Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad

I always introduce cookware or any kitchen gadgets. But this time is a bit different. This is one of the gifts that I gave to my neighbors a year back. With people using smart phone nowadays for everything, this little gadget makes transferring pics and other files from phone to your computer/laptop (or the other way round) much more convenient. Buy It Now

Be Safe and Healthy

To many people, 2020 is a horrible year. Loss of job, loss of loved ones, sickness and the list can go on and on and on. I learn during these few months about the importance of gratitude and try to find at least one thing to be grateful for on a daily basis. One is, "I woke up this morning and have the ability to tackle whatever is in front of me."

I am thankful for everybody's support of this year and in the past. So, let's wrap up the last monthly newsletter of 2020 with this Bible verse from 2 Corinthians 9:15, "Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!"

Merry Christmas, everyone. Wish you and your families have a healthy and safe holiday season!

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