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Why Eating Warm Food During Summer is Good for Your Body?
June 07, 2021

Why Eating Warm Food During Summer is Good for Your Body?

Hi! Friends,

Tip sharing with you this month is based on the Chinese medicine and old tradition. For years, I thought that it is more like a hearsay. As I get older, I found that there is truth in it.

Thought that this would be something fun for you to check it out.

So, let's start.

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Warm Foods Are Better

As summer gets closer every day, the hot weather makes us want to eat cold food, such as salad, sandwiches with cold cuts, ice-cream, ice tea and so forth. What I learned is that your body would be more beneficial with warm and hot food. Throughout my life, I have been told by my parents and doctors practicing Chinese medicine of this same statement. As I get older, I started to understand more about this concept because anything cold will give your body a shock.

It doesn’t mean that you should totally skip cold served foods and drinks. But there must be a good balance.

Fun Culture

This is a Cantonese saying. The pronounciation is "Hei Fai". Separating each word, the one on the left means raise or lift. The one on the right means chopsticks. Combining both together means "let's eat". This phrase is commonly used when a group of grown-ups eating together.

So, how are these 2 words related to our Chinese dining table series?

Nobody sitting on the table would start eating, especially children. Even though dishes of food is ready on the table, being respectful is to wait for everybody to sit down before dinner officially starts.

For children, they are supposed to call out their superiors, i.e. grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts, and ask them to start eating. It’s a way of showing respect. When we were kids, having dinner with my parents’ extended families, this process could sometimes take up to 3-4 minutes before we could start eating while everybody started already.

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