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What is Chinese Vinegar? Part 2
June 06, 2022

What is Chinese Vinegar? Part 2

Hi! Friends,

This is the continuation of our previous monthly newsletter about vinegar. It is perfect for the summer months because we will enjoy a lot of pickles and salad. I hope you will also enjoy this month’s issue as well.

Happy Father’s Day!

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Outdoor Dining

You may have a lot of outdoor dining at home during these upcoming months. Heat for sure can ruin the food easily. But the worst is direct sunshine. Try your best to be under the shade.

Fun Culture

More about Vinegar in Chinese Cuisine

The above phrase means "vinegar jar". Starting from left to right, the Cantonese pronunciation is "Cho Guan Chi". Mandarin pronunciation is "Cu Guan Zi".

Many westerners know about Chinese using rice vinegar. But in fact, there are plenty of different kinds we use. Some of them look and taste very similar to those you can find in the grocery stores.

Vinegar is mainly used as condiment in Chinese cuisine. Of course, there are always some exceptions.

One perfect example we serve red vinegar with wonton noodle bowl. You can replace it with regular red wine vinegar.

We also serve black vinegar with freshly sliced ginger for steamed dumpling, like “siu long bao”.

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Chinese Pickles

This is my mom's recipe with some twists from my side.

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