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Cooking with Kids this Summer Vacation
June 03, 2024

Cooking with Kids this Summer

Hi! Friends,

Kids are going to be out of school for summer vacation soon. Depending on where you live, some may have already started.

When they have too much free time, they get bored easily. And they want to get on electronic devices. There are many ways to keep them busy by staying away from electronics.

So, we are going to cover that topic this month.

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It's Never Too Late to Get Your Kid(s) into the Kitchen

Having your child(ren) in the kithen cooking with you is one of the great ways of bonding with each other. On top of that, it gives them some sense of independence and responsibility. Summer vacation is a great time to introduce your kid(s) to be in the kitchen. It does not mean to keep them there 24/7. No, absolutely not. You can simply start out with teaching them how to operate certain things, such as how to use a microwave oven, turn on the oven by setting up a specific temperature for baking or cooking, use an electric hand-mixer and so forth.

Once everyone starts to feel comfortable in the kitchen, you can move on to something more challenging.

When my son was around 4 years old, I had him to start out "helping" me to put in different ingredients into a mixing bowl, using the onion chopper to chop up the vegetables. Then, we moved on to squeezing the lemon to make lemonade and using the electric hand mixer for mixing cake batter. About a year later, we started to mix jello mix through which we learned about being careful when it comes to hot boiling water and hot food.

As he moves on to pre-teen, we started to use knife to cut up vegetables and meat. Around 11 years old, he was able to follow a recipe to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch including handling oven all by himself.

This depends on your child's development and your comfort level. That was only my experience to share with you. Every child is different. The orders I had my child to do tasks in the kitchen does not mean you will do the same. Some children hit the milestones sooner than the other, especially girls. But no matter what, I highly encourage you to start this with your kid(s). When they go to college or move out of the house after high school, it is a life skill that they will appreciate when they look back later.

It's never too late to start no matter what age he/she is right now.

Fun Culture

What Do Chinese Kids Do in the Summer?

Do you know that in Hong Kong every student regardless what grade they are in, they have to complete a summer vacation workbook which covers the 3 main subjects, i.e. Chinese, English and Maths?

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Be Safe and Healthy

Let's wrap up this month with this Bible verse.

"Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him?" ~ Matthew 7:9-11

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