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Make Your Custom Cuts of Meat out of Whole Pork Loin
March 06, 2023

Make Your Custom Cuts of Meat out of Whole Pork Loin

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Cut Pork Loin to Make Different Cuts to Freeze and Save $$$

I must admit that I had never bought meat in a big package/size and cut it myself. But the inflation has been really bad that I walked away a lot of food that my family always like to enjoy. As a result, when I saw an almost-12-pounds of boneless pork loin, I decided to give it a try. The results came out way better than I expected and I was able to save average $3-4/pound of meat. How did I do it? Here are the steps:

1. What cut of meat you want - There are 4 different ways for you to cut it: a) Roast, b) Center Cuts, c) Thinly Sliced; and d) Boneless Ribs

2. Plan the cut - Bear in mind that the whole pork loin meat is not all the way the same. If you turn fat side down, you should see that one side of it has some darker meat. And there is more fat in that part. For that side of pork loin, I always love to save it for boneless ribs or roast. It will make the meat more tender and juicier.

With that said, the opposite side of the loin is almost all lean meat. That part is best for making center cut or thinly sliced pork chops.

3. Since the meat is so big, you must use 2 cutting boards to hold it up or 1 cutting board and a plate combined together.

4. To get center cuts or thingly sliced pork chops, the easiest way is to cut away at least 1/3 of the whole pork loin as roast or boneless ribs first. Then, you have a smaller piece of meat to manipulate on your cutting board. Also, there is enough meat for you to hold on to and stabilize it while you are cutting. Kitchen safety is the first priority.

5. End result, I got 2 packs of 8 slices (each) of thinly sliced pork chops that my family loves. 1 pork roast which is about 4-5 lbs and the rest was the boneless ribs (about 1.5-2 lbs).

6. The last part is to transfer each set into a bag, vaccum and seal it with a food sealer. Make sure to put down the date of the seal and the cut of meat on the bag with permanent marker. This helps a lot for you to figure out what you get from the freezer in the future.

Total time took about 30 minutes and total saving is about $30.

Fun Culture

What is Pork to Many Chinese?

Pork is a very common substitute of beef in Chinese cuisine. It is a common practice of many Chinese Taoists.

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Featuring Recipe

Portuguese-Style Crispy Pork Chop Sandwich

All those thinly sliced pork chops are great for this recipe. Hong Kong restaurants always serve it with Portuguese roll. My mom L.O.V.E.S the crunch of this sandwich from start to finish. ENJOY!

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