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Make Your Own Take-Out on the Grill
August 03, 2020

Make Your Own Take-Out on the Grill

Hi! Guys,

Have you been working from home since the pandemic started? Even you may get away from your computer for a few times during the day, you may tend to forget keeping yourself hydrated. If you work from home with children staying with you may even worse because you get more distracted.

So, how do I tackle this challenge? We will cover it in our Tip/Idea section.

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Hydrate and Re-Energize

Here’s what I have been doing with myself and my son. We each have a water bottle with us on the desk throughout the day. It is leak-proof and it is right in front of us and keep reminding both of us, “Drink me. Drink me.”

If you are very specific with the water temperature, use an insulated water bottle.

Fun Culture

What's the relationship of Chinese food and number 8?

We talked about the relationship of Chinese food and the number “7” last month. We are discovering number “8” this month.

Do you know that this number is an all-time favorite in the Chinese culture? If you don’t, it is totally ok. Once you understand its meaning, I bet you will start to fall in love with it, too.

"8" is pronounced in Cantonese as “baat” and mandarin as “ba”. It is very closed to the pronunciation of a Chinese word which means “prosperity”.

On a Chinese dining table, only big family gathering or special occasions where you will find 8 dishes being served. However, many Chinese love to choose dishes which consist of ingredients with their names pronounced like the Chinese word "8".

Featuring Recipe

Chinese Stir-Fry Vegetable

To tie our theme of number 8 together, I recommend Chinese Stir-fry Vegetables recipe this month. It is because the word vegetable in Chinese also implies wealth and prosperity. Get Recipe

Product I Recommend

Make Your Own Take-Out on the Grill

Since we are talking about Chinese sir-fry, I bet you would love to use wok. I have been using wok to cook for almost 20 years until I moved to the States.

The best way to use wok for any stir-fry recipes is to use it on top of a real fire, such as gas stove-top. Not electric stove. If you have a gas grill, that would suffice.

The reason is that no matter how high the temperature of your electric stove top is, the design of a flat stove top vs traditional wok design does not allow the entire wok to absorb the heat. At the end, the food is being slow-cooked. The negative consequence of this leads to dryer meat and soggy vegetables. So, use your grill to do the work for you if you have an electric/ceremic stove. Buy It Now

Be Safe and Healthy

August is the last month of summer vacation for children. Many parents, including myself, can't wait the school starts in fall.

But I keep reminding myself that my child will grow up one day. He will get independent and leave the house to explore the world. We, as parents, want to treasure every moment with our children.

I want to end this month's newsletter with this Biblical quote from Proverbs 22:6, "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." Happy Summer! Be safe and healthy.

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