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Gobble Gobble Fun from
November 04, 2019

Gobble Gobble Fun

Hi! Guys,

We are going to have a new format for our e-zine from now on.

A highlight for you is that I will bring a food fun fact of Chinese culture which is my heritage. Hope you will enjoy it and stay tuned.

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Holiday Tip/Idea

Thanksgiving Family Game

We started this popular game like many people last year on our Thanksgiving get-together. It was a lot of fun and I happened to be the lucky champion and gave all my gifts away to the little ones.

The picture you see here is one of our nephews helped to wrap this gigantic plastic-wrap ball.

What we learned last year is the correct way to use the plastic wrap to make this ball more challenging.

When it comes to this giant ball of plastic wrap, use a 2-3 foot long of wrap for every layer.

This is a 2-people job. One person tears out a piece of plastic wrap for every 2-3 foot long. The other person takes that piece to make the ball by repeating the layers of gifts and plastic wraps.

Have you played this game before? If not, I highly recommend you to give this a try. It is great for all ages. If you have, share with me your pictures.

Fun Culture

Turkey in Chinese

Chinese call turkey as “fuo gai” (Cantonese) or “huo ji” (Mandarin). “Fuo” or “huo” means fire. “Gai” or “ji” means chicken. It means fire chicken.

It is still a relatively new ingredient. People in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan would prefer to have it in a restaurant. Chinese rarely cook turkey at home mainly because the Chinese culture prefers dark meat instead of white meat.

Featuring Recipe

Turkey Pot Pie Fried Rice

Thanksgiving is always about turkey. Well, how about turkey fried rice?

I made this one year with my leftover. It was awesome and I sure hope that you will love this recipe, too. Get Recipe

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