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Fun Facts about Apples
September 06, 2021

Fun Facts About Apples

Hi! Friends,

Depending on where you live, you may have already done apple picking. This is one of the activities that we always do since we had our own child. Not only going to different orchards, but we also go to the same one every year to support local business and make memories.

Yes, this month we are going to talk about apples. So, sit back and enjoy all the apple fun facts!

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Keep Apples from Browning

There are many tips out there about how to keep it from browning. Many of them don’t work out as expected.

Here is one that I learned since my childhood and works every time.

Prepare a bowl of room temperature water (about 2-3 cups) with a pinch of salt. Stir well until salt dissolved. As soon as you cut an apple, transfer apple pieces into the bowl of slightly salted water and let it sit for a minute. It will stay nice and fresh for several hours.

If apples will only be used the day after, leave them in that bowl of water overnight.

This is the trick widely used in Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong and China. So, check it out and share with me how it works out for you.

Fun Culture

Peeling Apples

Both Cantonese and Mandarin sound about the same for apple, "ping guo". The tone is slightly different.

Girls spreading around this “fact” when I was in middle school. They said, "If you face yourself in front of the mirror at midnight and peel an apple, make sure the apple peel come into one piece from start to finish, you would see your future husband." However, "If your apple peel broke in the middle, he would die."

This has been stuck with me since then. I am too "chicken" to do it.

Halloween is coming soon. Will you give it a try? If so, share with me your experience and results. (Click here for MORE Subscriber Exclusive Fun Culture related to this newsletter)

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Proverbs 7:2 ESV - Keep my commandments and live; keep my teaching as the apple of your eye.

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