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Celebrating National Frozen Food Month
March 02, 2020

Celebrating National Frozen Food Month

Hi! Guys,

March is National Frozen Food Month. I must admit that before having my own child, I only used fresh ingredients. I despised frozen food, especially vegetables.

Well, since life is getting busier and busier, I started to appreciate the convenience frozen food provides. About 10 years ago, I became a super fan of frozen food, especially frozen vegetables and fruit.

In fact, if you look into those 300+ recipes on my website right now, you will find that there are over 100 of them using frozen food.

Frozen food gives us the convenience of long shelf life and no chopping.

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Best Result from Frozen Vegetables

Throughout the years, I found that cooking frozen vegetables right out of the freezer gives the best result. When dinner is served, they still have their vibrant color and being crisp tender. Nobody could have guessed that it was frozen at all.

Fun Culture

Do Chinese User Frozen Food?

Frozen meat is more popular in Hong Kong and China than frozen vegetables. It is because vegetables are much easier to buy from there than meat.

Here is the traditional Chinese writing. It is pronounced as "Dongyou" (in Cantonese) or "Dongrou" (in Mandarin).

"Dong" means cold/frozen. "You" or "rou" means meat.

Featuring Recipe

Traditional Cauliflower Fried Rice

Honestly, it’s very difficult to pick my favorite frozen food recipe. But I decided to go by the route to pick the easiest among my easy recipes. Traditional Cauliflower Fried Rice is surely on the top of my list. Get Recipe

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Until next month,

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