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National Noodle Month
March 01, 2021

National Noodle Month

Hi! Friends,

Easter will be here in a month and it comes very early this year.

But we are not talking about Easter in this newsletter. We are sharing and celebrating National Noodle Month.

Before diving in, I wish you and your family a Happy Easter.

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Noodles vs Pasta

March is National Noodle Month. If you checked out several of my recipes, you most likely see that I use pasta to substitute noodles very often. There are several reasons for that. Pasta is easier to get from grocery stores, cheaper and many blends have vegetables and/or grains as ingredients which make our meals healthier.

When it comes to vegetable or grain blended pasta, I highly recommend to pay a few dollar more to buy the reputable brands instead of any store-bought brands. The texture and taste are much better and more kid-friendly.

Fun Culture


This is the traditional Chinese writing of "noodles". Yes, it is in one word and looks very complicated. Look closely! Can you divide it up from left to right?

The left part of this word means "wheat" which is the main ingredient for most noodles or pasta. Flour comes from wheat. The part on the right is driving the pronounciation of the word. It is also the only part used in simplified Chinese writing. It means "face", too.

Cantonese pronounces the word "noodle(s)" as "mien" and the Mandarin has very similar pronounciation which is "mian".

Due to its shape, noodles mean longevity. In my family, whoever is celebrating birthday, noodles are a must. The last generation Chinese even gave noodles as gifts because its symbolism.

Featuring Recipe

Hongkong Stir-Fry Beef Spaghetti

This is an authentic Hong Kong recipe which has been served since 1980s. My father loved it so much that he ordered it from mom-and-pop cafe as his lunch every day. No, I didn’t exaggerate it. He had it every day for his lunch. That’s how great it is.

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Product I Recommend

Eat Chinese with Chopsticks

When it comes to Chinese food, even serving at home, I make sure my son uses chopsticks. It’s one of the ways for him to learn his heritage.

Even my American husband gets on board as well. These chopsticks are perfect for beginners. It helps you to get to the right way of holding and using chopsticks with very little effort. Buy It Now

Be Safe and Healthy

Easter is coming up. We should be happy and celebrating for another holiday. Let's wrap this up with this Bible verse:

1 Corinthians 15:21: "For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man."

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Until next month,

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