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What Does Fall Do with Eggs?
September 04, 2023

Natural Home Remedies Using Eggs

Hi! Friends,

When you saw the title of this newsletter, what was the first thing coming to your mind? Is it about the song Humpty Dumpty? "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...."

Well, I will let you make that judgement later.

Yes, fall is going to be here soon. Instead of talking everything about pumpkin, we are going to focus on eggs. I am sure you will enjoy these tips.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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Life Hack of Hard Boiled Eggs

If you are parents and still have at least a child at high school or younger, this is another busy time at sports.

In other words, minor injuries could happen with bruises and some cuts. Chinese have been using hard boiled eggs as a natural remedy for healing bruises.

All you need to do is to cook the eggs just like you always cook hard boiled eggs. (Don’t follow directions to make soft-boiled eggs.) The eggs need to be sturdy and hot. No ice or anything cold according to the Chinese tradition.

Once it is ready, wrap the hot egg under a dry wash cloth and gently roll it on the bruised area. When the egg cools down, use another one. It will help the bruise to be healed sooner.

Most people discard the used hard boiled egg after.

Check it out if this works for you next time. Also, don't miss the subscriber exclusive section to find out the Chinese alternative way to heal bruises.

Fun Culture

What's Egg in Chinese?

Eggs are very important in the Chinese culinary culture. Hard boiled eggs are used in many dishes, too. Eggs are in breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. We fry, stir-fry, boil and steam eggs.

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Featuring Recipe

Chinese Beef Fried Eggs

Fried eggs with white rice is one of many Chinese typical ways of serving eggs in a regular meal. You can replace the ground beef with other ingredients or simply skip it.

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Be Safe and Healthy

Let's wrap up this month with this Bible verse.

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