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New Year Resolutions Ideas
January 04, 2021

New Year Resolutions Ideas

Hi! Friends,

It has been a very challenging year in 2020 and in many different ways. I learned the importance of gratitude which helps me to get through every day.

Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous 2021.

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Never Give Up

What is your New Year Resolution? It can be more home cook meals instead of takeout, diet, weight loss, relationship and/or any other things in life.

A tip I want to share with you about my previous experience is that you can set a big goal. But don’t let it overwhelm you. Start out small. A little celebration every time when you reached a milestone. If you failed one time, it didn’t define you. Just get back on the train again. Don’t give up.

Fun Culture

Chinese New Year

There are many ways to greet people Happy New Year in Chinese. This is one of the most common ways.

The above 4 Chinese words are in traditional Chinese writing. In Cantonese, it is pronounced as "Sun Lin Fai Lok". In Mandarin, it is "Xin Nian Kuai Lie".

The first word on the far left means "new". The next one means "year". The last 2 words on the right always go together to make up the meaning of "happy" or "happiness".

Chinese New Year is always in the first month of the lunar calendar. But on our regular calendar, it can vary year after year. It mostly is around January or February.

People start to prepare themselves for celebrating this big festival a few days before it starts. And the festival itself lasts for an entire month. There are customs and traditions people will follow in order to start out the year great and have a prosperous year ahead.

Featuring Recipe

Low Carb Keto Chinese Chicken Noodle Bowl

Many of you , including myself, trying to start out the year right by getting into any diet plan. This is for sure a very healthy option to celebrate your new year resolution and Chinese New Year. Recipe

Product I Recommend

Chinese Red Envelopes/Pockets

Married couples always give red pocket money. If you are still single, you will only receive, not giving it out. To celebrate with your kids, you can get some chocolate coin and stuff into the envelopes before giving them out. Buy It Now

Be Safe and Healthy

I am thankful for everybody's continuous support of in 2020. So, let's wrap up our new year newsletter with this Bible verse from Proverbs 23:18 (NIV) "There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off."

Happy New Year!

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Until next month,

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