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What Stops You from Crying when Cutting Onions
June 05, 2023

What Stops You from Crying when Cutting Onions

Hi! Friends,

Summer is here. For those who love grilled food, this is your season. As much as I love the convenience of frozen veggies, fresh vegetables are the one going on the grill. But there is one that it can present some challenges for you. I thought that I would share a tip that I have been using for years and it works so awesome for me. Guess what is it?

Happy Father's Day!

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Onion Tears Hack

If you love anything with onion, here is a tip for you. How to cut or slice an onion without shedding a tear? Here is how I have been doing it for past 20+ years:

1. Before doing any cutting, slicing or dicing, cut the onion into halves.

2. Add a pinch of salt on the cut side of one half.

3. Rubbing the onion halves together in cicles. (This only takes 10 seconds) Your nose will be your indicator.

4. As soon as the onion smell goes weaker, go ahead to cut, slice or dice the onion.

You will find that if you have to cut multiples onions, this tip is super effective.

Fun Culture

How Do Chinese Serve Onions?

Due to the strong fragrance of onions, Chinese usually pair it with other ingredients that have strong flavors as well. The most common one is the Chinese black bean sauce.

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Onion Bell Pepper Ham Spaghetti Stir-Fry

In Chinese cuisine, onions and peppers always go together like in the West.

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Be Safe and Healthy

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