Semi-Homemade Cream Cheese Spread
Personalized A Simple Breakfast
At Home Or Meetings At Work

Semi-homemade cream cheese spread makes your simple breakfast kicking up a notch.

Semi-Homemade Cream Cheese Spread

Prep Time: 5 minutes (per flavor)   Cook Time: ZERO
: 4-6 (per flavor)

I was looking back to the recipes I wrote in the spiral bounded notebooks for inspiration (yeah, spiral bounded notebook.  I started writing recipes since 2004.  Over 1,000 of them are still saved in that format).

I stumbled on this cream cheese spread recipe that I put a note there telling me that it was right after my baby was born back in 2009.

During that time, I had the craving (yes, craving after the birth of the baby instead of still having him in the womb) of cream cheese and bagels. 

For several weeks, I had to have cream cheese and bagels at least once a day.  Then, I got tired of the same flavor of cream cheese that I bought week after week and the money I spent on it.  Well, you would think that I would stop eating.  Then, it would be out of sight, out of mind, right?  No, I didn't.  What I ended up was creating this semi-homemade cream cheese spread recipe which is very addicting.

It gave me various flavors to pick from and saved tons of money.  Good thing was that my craving eventually faded. 

Funny that, back then, the only 8 ounce package was either the bar or the Italian Mascapone cream cheese.  7 years later, cream cheese packed in an 8-ounce tub is finally available in the supermarkets.  It made it easier to make this recipe happens.  If you want to make an easy, but semi-homemade breakfast at home or work, this is perfect.

All you need to do is to set up several different semi-homemade cream cheese spreads with different kinds of bagels on the table.  Let your guests to help themselves. 

Remember to name the flavors of all cream cheese spread.  With this recipe, your guests will definitely ask you how you make them.  This allows conversation flowing around easily.  If your meeting is an icebreaker, it is even better.

Since all the gadgets used in this recipe are very kid-friendly, you can even ask your little helper(s) to give you a hand.

Semi-Homemade Cream Cheese Spread - add 1/2 tbsp at a time to stir and combineAdd 1/2 tbsp at a time to stir and combine
Semi-Homemade Cream Cheese Spread - Ready to rock and roll.  Serve it immediately or chill it in the fridge to enjoy laterServe it immediately or chill it in the fridge to enjoy later
Semi-Homemade Cream Cheese Spread - If you have more than 1 flavor to serve, remember to write down the flavor on the lid.  YUMMY!!!!If you have more than 1 flavor to serve, remember to write down the flavor on the lid. YUMMY!!!!


8ounce Cream cheese bar or in a tub
2 heaping tablespoons drink mix powder or any individually packed one-serving drink mix

  1. If it is a 8-ounce bar, transfer cream cheese into a glass container that you can put the lid on later to store the cream cheese spread (Skip to next step if cream cheese comes in an 8-ounce tub)
  2. Add 1/2 tablespoon drink mix into the tub, use a butter knife gently stir until cream cheese starts to loosen up
  3. Add the rest of the drink mix in 1/2 tablespoon at a time and stir to combine and serve immediately or chill and enjoy later

Several Flavored Semi-Homemade Cream Cheese Spreads

Here are several flavors suggested to you.  All you need to do is to replace the drink mix with the following ingredient(s) and combine with cream cheese.  I can guarantee you that you will make your own flavored cream cheese spread over and over again.

Cinnamon Brown Sugar

2 tablespoons Dark brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Coffee Flavor

1 pack one-serving Coffee mix

Chocolate Flavor

1 pack one-serving hot chocolate mix

Season of Fall Flavor

1 pack instant apple cider drink mix

Final Thoughts

You may discover more options out there.  Let me know and share with everybody what flavor did you make?  Please put your comment at the bottom of this page to share.

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