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Dessert Recipes....are you making these yummy treats to satisfy your sweet tooth or bring over to gatherings or parties?

Dessert Recipes, no-bake, health nuts, creative, store-bought help, baker's heaven, heat chaser, they are all here for you.

I must admit that I don’t have sweet tooth like many people in my circle.  99% of time I make any desserts are for big gatherings.  Yes, all these recipes were tried and popular by demand.  I hope that you will have everybody to be excited and anxious to see you every time when you show up.

Do remember most of these recipes are great to make with kid(s).  Have them to help you and bound together in the kitchen.

Low Carb Keto Fat Bomb

If you are on Keto diet, trending right now, you may like these "fat bomb" recipes.

Keto Low-Carb Chocolate Mousse

Health Nuts

Some people are very health conscious.  There is nothing wrong with that.  These desserts make everybody happy.

Denny's Mango Smoothie

Lazy Bum Fruit Salad

Pineapple Cucumber Smoothie

Spicy Watermelon Pineapple Palm Heart Salad

Store Bought Help

With a little help from some store bought ingredients just like have a little help from a friend.  It just makes life easier.  Nothing's wrong with that.

2 Layer Jello Recipe | Patriotic Jello Cups

Cake Mix Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Orange Creamsicle Cookies

Cake Mix Chocolate Mocha Cookies

Box Cake Lemon Cookies

Cake Mix Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

Deconstructed Red Velvet Cake

Super Lemon Layer Cake

Box Cake Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies

Carrot and Red Velvet Cake Sandwich Cookies

Dump Cake Recipes

Lazy Cookie Bars

Baker's Heaven

I may not claim as a baker.  But when you can make something from scratch and bake, it feels awesome.  Best of all, my little one loves to do this with me in the kitchen.

No-Towel Pumpkin Roll

No-Towel Chocolate Pumpkin Roll

No-Towel Lemon Cake Roll Recipe with Lemon-y Cream Cheese Filling

Peanut Butter Chocolate Oatmeal Bread

Pumpkin Spice Bread

2-Ingredient Chocolate Banana Mini Muffins

2-Ingredient Mini Pumpkin Muffins

4-Ingredient Apple Cider Mini Muffins

This recipe sounds like only for fall season.  Little did you know that you can get the ingredients from your local store all year round.  Bring the coziness to home any time you want.

No-Bake Dessert Recipes

As much as I love to cook, I sometimes just want to sit down and do nothing.  So, if you love to bake, you may have times that you want to stay away from the oven.  These no-bake dessert recipes will be perfect to fit your mood.

Easy Chocolate Fudge

No-Bake Crustless Mini Lemon Cheesecake

No-Bake Mini Caramel Cheesecake

Heat Chaser

On a day that you really need to cool down.  These dessert recipes are perfect.

Old Glory Popsicles

Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Piña Colada Popsicles

Spooky Worm Halloween Jello

All About Creativity

Some store bought help, such as candies, sprinkles and stickers, could easily tie the theme together.

I am sure you know what kind of candies and sprinkles you would buy to give a final touch to your presentations.  But how stickers work?

Here is what I did in the past...Use 2 same stickers sticking together one on each side of a toothpick or medium size skewers when serving finger food.  Both stickers will stay together and you have your party theme tied with your presentation.

Chocolate Marshmallow Pops

Easter Bunny Cake

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