Pork Recipes
Happy Medium For
Red and White Meat Eaters

Pork recipes are very popular in my family.

In my opinion, pork is the happy medium for meat eaters. Why? Like my hubby and an uncle of mine don't like chicken (I know it's strange to hear somebody hate chicken), pork is like a tasty "white meat" to them.

Several of my family members don't eat beef because of their religious belief, pork is the "red meat" in their eyes.

Pork definitely shares some similarities of both red and white meat.

Most of the time, it needs to marinate, especially the loin and the thicker cut of the meat. Just like white meat, cooking it long and slow will make the meat dry. However, cooking ribs is a totally different techniques.

Can't wait to share with you these wonderful and easy pork dinner recipes from my family and home town. Enjoy!

Main Course (Entrée)

Strawberry Pork ChopsStrawberry Pork Chops

Asian Cooking

Sweet and Sour PorkSweet and Sour Pork

Ham Recipes

Ham Spaghetti Stir-FryHam Spaghetti Stir-Fry

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