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This free Keto eBook is my personal journey of losing weight.  The recipes in this book will also show you how to blend in carbs for your family while you are on diet.  So, diet or not, you only make one meal instead of two.

A free Keto ebook helps you to start from scratch a diet journey I personally experienced and reached continuous success.

Losing 11 pounds in 22 days?  Is it possible?  Yes, absolutely.  I did it.  So can you.

I will show you tips and twists of these recipes for serving everyone in your family.  Whether they are consuming carbs or not, everybody will enjoy one meal together.  Your family still devour their carbs while you stick to your Keto diet.

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Why Did I Write This FREE Keto EBook?

Some of you may have known that I started my Keto diet journey on Sep 1, 2018, right after Labor Day. 

I did research and even bought a very well-known Keto diet guide before making this decision.  After reading through it, I found that it didn't work out for my lifestyle and schedule.  Then, I looked closely with my existing recipes and realized that many of them use mostly Keto ingredients already.  I may need to get rid of 1 or 2 ingredients with high carbs.  So, why not using my own recipes to do my Keto diet?

After losing the weight, I learned that those recipes I use can be in a collection to help people achieving the same success I did.  That’s how this  FREE Keto Ebook came along.

How Did I Lose It?

Let's dive right into the journey.  The first week most likely was the toughest.  I switched from having breakfast every morning to purely a cup of bullet proof coffee with 1 tbsp. butter or avocado spread with 2 tbsps. Heavy Cream. (Side note: I used to have my coffee with cream and sugar.  I can't stomach coconut oil.  So, I replace it with heavy cream.)

I completely cut my morning and afternoon snacks which were mainly oatmeal, fruit or vegetables.  In short, I only eat during lunch and dinner.

I was super tired in the first few days.  That is what it is called the Keto flu.  I happened to take vacation from work that week.  So, it was easier compared to my husband who started the diet on the same day with me.

I don’t have any sweet tooth or habit of eating junk food.  My biggest pitfall is eating in big portion. I also crave for pasta and rice.   So, cutting down my morning and afternoon snacks was tough.  If I want to munch, I would have about 2 tbsps. salted peanuts, pepperoni stick or a few slices of cucumber.  If I want something sweet, I will have a tbsp. of peanut butter.  But eating snacks and/or dessert only happens once in a great while.

Want More Keto/Low-Carb Recipes?!

This ebook will teach you to cook authentic Chinese food in a healthy way. It will also show you how to get the beautiful colors, texture and taste you get from your favorite Chinese restaurants.

Eat Chinese to Lose Weight

The Results

Well, the knew it already.  With literally no exercise, I dropped a little bit over 11 lbs. on Sep 23. (I write gratitude journal at least 4 times a week.  So, I had that written record with me.)

However, I didn’t cut my regular meal portion.  I have one meal on Sundays as a “cheat day”.  Many pros would say that this is a no-no.  But to me, after trying different diets all these years, satisfying my craving is the way to do it.  I treat this “cheat meal” as my reward.  I am not saying that you have to follow this.  But I just want to let you know what’s behind the scene.

Any Side Effects?

Other than losing weight, what else happened to my body?  Here are the goods and the bads.

The Goods

More energy - Even on a day that I didn’t have enough sleep and need to run around with my little one for different activities for the entire day, I don't feel like I could crash at any time.  I have a full-time job, part-time business with a then-9-year-old having different sport activities and practices, musical instruments and language lessons during the week.  That energy level helps a ton.

No more chest tightness - About a year ago, I had this periodic chest tightness which ended up 2 visits to a cardiologist.  Believe it or not, with this Keto diet, this problem is gone.  I am looking forward to what my doctor will say with my upcoming annual physical.

Nicer skin – I found this out later after getting off from the Keto diet train, but blended in a little bit of carbs.  During the period of my strict diet, there was no breakout on my skin.  It was nice and smooth.

No more swollen foot – Since I had my son in 2009, my foot tended to swell in the afternoon.  Shoes I was able to fit in during the morning, they always got very uncomfortable and tight in the afternoon that I got to change them out.  Little did I expect that having a strict Keto diet would stop that.  I am able to fit into my pointy-toe dress shoes and have them on throughout the whole day in the office.

The Bads

Less Bowel Movement -  As I mentioned earlier, I cut my morning and afternoon snacks which were filled with fibers.  But with this diet, my fiber intake has significantly cut down.  In fact, it was cut down more than half.  No, I didn't buy any supplement because I always want to stick with the remedy provided by natural food.  It took 2 weeks before my body re-adjusted back to pre-diet mode.

Monthly cycle - The first 2 months were definitely messed up in schedule.  It started to resume back to normal around the 4th month.

Joint pain - I truly believe that my joint pain is correlated to female hormone.  When I was pregnant, my joints never bothered me.  But even 10 years after, I have never had any kind of joint pain lasted for more than a day.  During the diet, there were times my joints throbbing for days non-stop.  But after 3 months, it was gone.  As of today, this symptom did not come back again.


Those are my experiences since Sep 2018 starting with this famous Keto diet.  Do remember that every person reacts to this lifestyle differently.  During my Keto diet journey, I developed several new Keto-friendly recipes.  Stick around and check them out soon.

As of Sep 2019, I started to blend in more carbohydrates in my diet.  I surely do add more vegetables in my daily meals.  And those vegetables are considered high-carb, such as tomatoes, onion, carrots and so forth.  Of course, my favorite high-carb ingredients such as rice, bread and pasta, are also in my weekly diet now.

I may not follow strict Keto diet today.  However, my meals are still considered very low carb.  I did not gain the weight back, but keep losing it very slowly.  How do I do that?  Stay tuned!

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