Easy Low Carb Meals

43 Recipes Helping You To Stop Gaining Back the Weight You Just Lost

These easy low carb meals have very little carbs which help you to sustain your weight when you are off diet.  The carb consumption maybe very low.  But it does satisfy your craving. 

43 easy low carb meals are recipes helping you to sustain your weight after getting off from the Keto diet train.

These 43 recipes are part of my journey of the Keto diet.  Although I am no longer on the strict diet, I use them to help me keeping track of the carb consumption.  I didn't gain any weight, which I lost earlier, back.  In fact, I slowly shed more.

On Sep 1, 2018, I started a low carb Keto diet to lose weight.  In 22 days, I dropped 11 pounds.  Throughout the first 6 months, I had been very strict in my diet.  I used only the ingredients that are Keto-friendly.  The only exception is on Sundays that I allowed myself to get off the Keto train for a little bit by eating some carbs, such as noodles, pasta, bread or rice.  Those are my favorite foods.  And I only "cheated" with one meal on Sundays.

Eventually, I started to blend in more carbs on a daily basis.  Bear in mind, these carbs are the good and nutritious foods, such as apples, tomatoes, oranges, oatmeal, cashews, bananas and so much more. 

If you are interested in starting a Keto diet like I did, you can click here to find out the details.  I shared 40 recipes that I used during the diet in this free e-book. Also, I shared my newly changed daily and weekly routines during the period of my strict diet. 

Physical Changes Before and After Diet

There are many people, including my husband, experiencing the weight gain right after fading out their diet routine.  So far, I didn't have that problem.  The biggest lesson I learned is that it needs to have a balance.  As much as I love pasta and rice, I know that I can only eat a very small portion of it if I want to keep from gaining back the weight I lost earlier. 

Instead of splurging the carbs on a regular basis, I treat it as my reward for having a strong self-control.  That's how these easy low carb meals come into place.

Before and after diet, I did realize that there were some physical changes.  I thought that it would be an additional info for you to see how diet could change our bodies, other than only weight loss.

During the strict low carb diet period, my face never had any outbreak of pimples or anything similar to that kind.  After I started to blend in a little bit of carbs, I saw that the pimples started to come back.  The good thing is that it is not as bad as before starting the diet.  I believe that having very low carb consumption helps a lot.

Another physical reaction of mine is the joint pain.  I do know that I have a very minor case of arthritis.  I am very aware of it even before I was pregnant with my son.  During the strict diet period, man, oh man, the joints throbbing crazily.  I did experience some joint pain in the past, especially when weather changed.  But I had never experienced the nonstoppable pain like that before.  For the first 3 months of my diet, the pain did come on a monthly basis and lasted for a few days.  I was still mobile.  But it did take some time for my body finally adjusted before the pain was totally gone.

Will this happen to you, too?  I really don't know because everybody is different.  This info shared with you is to show you the Keto diet effect in our bodies.

My Daily Routine

Easy Low Carb Meals - Bullet proof coffee is basically your breakfast.


Throughout my life, I have always had breakfast until getting on the Keto train.  Since then, I stopped having breakfast.  Occasionally, due to meetings or gatherings of some sort, I don't mind to join with the others enjoying a nice breakfast. 

I love having sugar and cream in my coffee.  But sugar is a no-no to Keto. I started drinking this bullet-proof coffee when I committed myself into the Keto diet.  There are tons of different versions/recipes of this coffee.  Pick whichever version works for you.  I can't stand any sugar substitute, including those natural sweeteners that are approved by Keto diet.  So, I skip all sugar and sweetener entirely. 

My bullet proof coffee consists of 1 tbsp of plant-based butter, 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk and 1 tsp heavy cream.  Yes, I still have this nowadays without any breakfast.


Lunch could be any easy low carb meals listed here on this page.  Before, during and after Keto, I have been staying away from these carbs, i.e. rice, pasta, noodles and anything with flour, in the afternoon.  I am a big eater.  My lunch portion is usually around 4 cups packed tight in my glass container. 

There were times that I need to attend lunch meetings.  Any low carb/Keto friendly dishes may not be available.  If so, I will get off my Keto train a bit and enjoy the lunch with the rest of my colleagues.  For some people, it may be a big deal.  My attitude is always, "You need to live.  One cheat day is not the end of the world.  Just jump back on immediately and everything will be ok."


Dinner is kind of like lunch.  It could be any easy low carb meals recommended on this page. 

However, we have a growing boy at home.  And many of you may have children that they need all the nutrients available.  So, I highly encourage you NOT to skip any carbs when it comes to their meals.  But what about you, the only person in the family on diet?  Check out this ebook in which I show you how to cook one meal, but being able to satisfy those are on diet and those are not at the same time.  Apply the same approach to these easy low carb meals.  Everybody will be happy.

Afternoon Snack

I used to have my morning and afternoon snacks before the diet.  It used to be fruit or granola bar. 

During the diet, I occasionally may have a few pieces of cold cut, such as pepperoni and cheese, canned black olives or sea weeds.

Now being off the diet, snack is NOT always on my routine.  I occasionally may have a granola bar or a small cup of overnight oatmeal.  My favorite brand of granola bar is Sunbelt Bakery Fudge Dipped Coconut because it doesn't have any artificial flavors in it.  The carbs is still high.  But oatmeal is something great to our health.

Night Snack

This is not something that I encourage you doing it.  But I think that I should share with you how I manage my diet after jumping off from the Keto train. 

I do NOT eat any carbs during supper time in order to prevent myself from dozing off.  Since I put in extra hours working on my website after dinner, I do feel a bit hungry after a while.  I occasionally will eat something with carbs, such as fruit, a small PB&J sandwich, a small spoonful of Nutella.  After 4 months, this little night snack did not affect my weight in any negative way at all.


I have never been an active person.  And I am not an athletic type either.  I do love to walk during my lunch time and this habit has been with me for several years even before I started the Keto diet. 

During the diet, I increased my exercise a little bit by walking up and down 4 storeys of staircases about twice a day which was the addition of my 20-minute lunch walk.  I did these little exercises 4 days a week.

Now, after getting off the diet train, I only walk 18 to 20-minute a day and 4 days a week.

Splurge Days

Besides my cheat day on Sundays, there are 4 days during each month that I attend some church, work and/or family gatherings.  Dishes are loaded with carbs.  But I don't care because I enjoy the quality time and food during those gatherings.  So, I splurge quite a lot, NOT just a bit.  Yes, during the diet, I did stay away from the carb food group.  Thankfully, my friends and families are always very supportive and understandable.  After the diet, I dive in just like anybody else.

As I mentioned earlier, your body may response differently.  I try my best to share as much info as I experienced before, during and after the Keto diet and how I use these easy low carb meals to maintain the weight I lost.  If you have any concerns, I highly recommend you to consult your doctor. 

During my diet, I developed several more recipes that I have not published them yet.  So, stay tuned for more recipes to come and good luck with continuing your weight loss journey.

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