Homemade Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs
Lunches With More Healthier Options
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Why Homemade Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs?  Why not the other Lunchables set? 

Well, among all Lunchables box sets, my 8-year-old loves the mini Hot Dog set the most.  He may eat everything in the box, except the rolls.  You know me well that seeing food throwing into the garbage is the last thing I want to see.  I have been trying to convince my little one to finish everything.  Of course, it failed miserably.

Homemade Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs, cheaper, healthier and best of all...make several packs and have a picnic lunch date with your little ones.

Prep Time: 2 Minutes   Cook Time: 5 Minutes   Serving: 1

Homemade Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs - Pair it with grapesPair it with grapes

Parents, you may have a kid or 2 at home love Lunchables a lot.  It is expensive.  But I must say that it gives convenience, especially you are on the run all the time.  You know how it is.  Even though I am not a big fan of the food combination inside the box, I give in sometimes.

Other than throwing food away, my son complains that there is not enough for him.  Well, of course.  He feels hungry very soon.

So, after a while, I asked myself, "Why waste the money with a hungry kid?"  So, I was on a mission to look for a way to make it my own.

I tried mini hot dogs from a can.  I also tried kielbasa mini hot dogs.  None of them worked or tasted as close as Lunchables mini hot dogs.  Worst of all, none of them passed the taste test of my little one either.

So, after several months of looking for a solution, this finally came up.  I am sure you may have done this very similar thing/step before.  But just a little change of look makes it look like Lunchables mini hot dogs.  My little one is happy.  I am happy.  Not only do I save money, but also I can pack different healthier food on the side for him.

If you have more than one child, double, triple, quadruple the quantity.  The prep time and cook time is the same as making one.  By the time you finish packing this Homemade Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs set with other healthy food, you spend $1 max in total for each child.  (Dollar amount per set varies based on what you pack on the side). It is a big money saver.

There are a few suggestions for you here.  Just remember that the options are endless.

What I love the most....even though I don't like to see him eat too many hot dogs, he would have a few bites of healthy food on the side which I packed along.

By the way, this Homemade Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs are also great for grownup.  Everybody is a kid at heart.  Feel free to make one for yourself.  Bring it for lunch or snack at work.

Parents, make one for you and one for your little one and have a picnic lunch date.  Kids grow up too fast.  This gives you a reason to make great memories for you all.

Homemade Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs - Pair it with apple sauce and cheese crackersPair it with apple sauce and cheese crackers
Homemade Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs - Pair it with apples and cheesePair it with apples and cheese

Homemade Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs Recipe

Homemade Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs - 2-3 meat hot dogs2-3 meat hot dogs
Homemade Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs - Cut into halvesCut into halves
Homemade Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs - In a saucepan with waterIn a saucepan with water
Homemade Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs - Bring it to a boilBring it to a boil
Homemade Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs - Cool in room temperature and transfer to lunchboxCool in room temperature and transfer to lunchbox


3 regular meat hot dogs (the kind with chicken, pork and beef combined together has the closest flavor as regular Lunchables mini hot dogs)
1-1 1/2 cups Water

  1. Cut hot dogs into halves, crosswise
  2. Transfer them into a small sauce pan
  3. Fill it with cold water, make sure all hot dogs are submerged into the water
  4. Cover with lid and bring it to a boil
  5. Turn off heat and drain water
  6. Let it cool in room temperature and transfer to lunch box

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