Who Said Vegetarian Recipes
Are Only For People on Diet?

Are you looking for vegetables or vegetarian recipes all the time? Because everybody, including your doctor, spouse, parents and....(the list can go on and on), try to tell you that you got to have more vegetables, fruit and fiber.

I keep my recipes on a spreadsheet for easy finding for myself throughout all these years. But I never noticed that the majority of my recipes are vegetarian ones, even though I am not one of them.

I guess, in the back of my mind, health consciousness is so well imprinted.  Please don't get me wrong.  I definitely is not a skinny person, but overweight.  Thanks to my mom which is the reason why I am health conscious.

I love big flavor. If you don't, especially for vegetables, it's difficult to keep it up, isn't it?

In here, the recipes I am going to introduce to you are vegetarian, not vegan. In other words, dairy products may be on the ingredient list.

In addition, I like to add kielbasa, ham, sausage and other cold cuts or cured meat into some vegetable recipes. At the end, big flavor is more welcome, right?

Main Course (Entree)

Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

Soup Recipes

20-Minute Spinach Cannellini Bean Meatless Meatball Soup20-Minute Spinach Cannellini Bean Meatless Meatball Soup

Breakfast Recipes

Side Dish Vegetarian Recipes

Drink Recipes

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