Mango Smoothie Recipe

Denny's Mango Smoothie Can Be Breakfast, Drink or Snack-to-Go. A Great Family Recipe for All Ages!

A mango smoothie recipe makes great summer drink. If you are not a big fan of fruit and vegetables, you will find this as an extremely easy way to pack up fiber in your diet.

Mango Smoothie Recipe | Denny's Mango Smoothie

Total Time:
5 Minutes
Prep Time
: ZERO   

Active Time: 5 Minutes  
Serving: 1-2

To many people, this delicious Denny's mango smoothie is not any food adventure. But to my husband, it is. Of course, under his influence, my son became his shadow that he doesn't like to try out something new. It is rare to see them not to order the typical pizza, hot dogs, soda and lemonade when they dine out.

While on the other hand, like many of you, I didn't think that this smoothie was that special. So, I didn't bother to order. Until I tried the first sip, it was like "WOW". This is awesome. The burst of fresh mango flavor just had an explosion in my mouth. Way much better than eating a fresh mango!!!!

I use the blend-and-go blender in this recipe. If you need to feed a big family, please feel free to double, triple or maybe even quadruple the quantity. Of course, it would be better to use a powerful blender to make that big quantity. Hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.


Since I want this smoothie as a healthy drink for my family, I use the natural juice blend as the liquid base. If you have a difficulty to find the natural one, mango nectar is fine, too. Just be aware that there is more sugar in the nectar though.

Blender Design Matters

When I first played with this mango smoothie recipe, I used regular blender. The design was very similar to the last generation used. It might need a little bit of shake in the middle of it so that all ingredients blend well.

Then, I fell in love for the blend-and-go kind. It allowed you to make just enough for yourself and one less thing to wash. But little did I realize that the single blade blender was worse than the regular one that our parents used to use. There were a lot of times that half of the ingredients blended well and the other half were still solid in their own forms. So, it was not only just shaking the blender, but also opening the lid and sticking a utensil in there to stir things around. Then, the whole process repeated a few times until everything was well blended.

Not long after I posted this original mango smoothie recipe, my husband stumbled on the multi-blade blender sales. At the time, I was not sure if I should trust it. But it was cheap enough to throw a dice and give it a chance. Even though the model I have may be considered as "dinosaur", I still love it.

In short, I am not sharing this experience because any brand of blender is my sponsor at this time. I shared this experience with you so that you can stay away from the frustration I went through. Blender with multiple blades or a stirrer which can be used to keep helping the ingredients to be blended quicker and easier is worthy every penny.

Does that mean you have to buy a brand new blender? No. If you use a regular or single blade blender, add the liquid first. In other words, liquid is closest to the blender blade and frozen mango is furthest away from the blade. This will make the blending go smoother.

Mango Smoothie Recipe and Directions


6 oz (170g) Frozen Mango Chunks
1 cup (8oz / 236.5ml) Mango Juice (I use Ceres brand)


  1. Add all ingredients by following the order of the above list into the blender and blend until smoothie and enjoy.

Smoothie served at homeGreat to pair this mango smoothie with hot and spicy food
Very thick texture of smoothieSee how thick the smoothie is...but it is all natural ingredients.
Mango smoothie in to-go cup.It's a great way to enjoy fruit.

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