Good Memories
Great Food
Restaurant Remakes Recipes remakes recipes? What is the reason why you are so eager to have these on your dinner menu?

Pizza Hut Sweet Chili Wings

To bring back the good memories? To satisfy your unstoppable craving of that dish within budget? Share the good food and memories with family and friends in an affordable way? To make some good impressions?

Some restaurant recipes shared here may be from some world-renowned restaurants. Some could be from a very small town. Some could be from some restaurants in the other part of the world.

But they all share one common thing. That is ... it either has a very unique story behind each one of them or a great trip memory. Otherwise, why would you bother to do it, right?

Cavallario's Steak and Seafood in Alexandria Bay, Thousand IslandsWe celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary here in Cavallario's Steak and Seafood in Alexandria Bay, Thousand Islands. It also inspired me to create the Chicken Scampi Spaghetti

Main Course (Entrée)

TGI Fridays Sizzling Chicken and Cheese

Side Dish

SMASH Burger Crispy Brussels Sprouts



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