Hong Kong Starbucks Spinach Quiche
A Savory Pastry
Now Served It At Home

I LOVE this Starbucks spinach quiche recipe.  I was so thrilled that I finally nailed it, even the look with the crisscross pattern on top of the pie. 

Before diving into the details, I want to express my gratitude to my mother-in-law for being a loyal fan and supportive tester of my spinach pie, spinach quiche, whatever you want to call it.

Starbucks Spinach Quiche Recipe

Prep Time: 20 Minutes   Cook Time: 45-50  Serving: 4-6

Many people think that I nail my new recipes the very first time. Over 98% of time, I do. But once in a while, it takes me almost like forever to get them right.

I think this is THE recipe that took me many, many trial and error to nail it. I learn a great lesson here. Persistence will lead you to success.  Don't let failure to scare
you from moving forward.

I love Starbucks coffee. In Hong Kong, they used to have this spinach quiche. I always thought that it was more like a pie instead of quiche.

Therefore, throughout all these years, I have been making spinach pie and wondered why I couldn't make it the way how Starbucks did it until lately.

The traditional Starbucks spinach quiche used fillo dough to make the pie crispy and light.

But to stick to my principle to make an easy dinner in no time, I used store bought pie crust. That's the only difference between the real Starbucks spinach quiche and this recipe.

As of the time of writing this recipe, I still haven’t come up an idea of how to use the leftover pie crust.  I was raised to not to throw food away.  I hope that I will figure
it out in the near future.  If you have some good idea, please share with us by filling out the Contact Me form.  I would greatly appreciate it.

For now, I hope you will grab a cup of Starbucks coffee, like I always do, while enjoying this quiche.  (If you don’t like Starbucks coffee, that’s ok, too.  You still can
enjoy this delicious recipe the way you want.)


1 Box frozen spinach (thawed and squeezed out all the liquid)
1 pound ricotta cheese
2 store-bought 9" deep-dish pie crusts (Use a good brand, like Marie Callender’s Deep Dish Pie Shells.  It will make it easier for you to make this pie.  The presentation definitely is better, too.)
1 egg (beaten)
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1/4 teaspoon peppers

  1. Take out a pie crust thawed in room temperature for 15-20 minutes (depending on the room temperature. Sometimes, it may take shorter or longer time to thaw)
  2. Use a butter knife to cut around the bottom ring of the crust
Starbucks Spinach Quiche Step1

     3. Cut it into stripes about 1/3"

Starbucks Spinach Quiche Step2

     4. Above the bottom ring you just
         cut out, cut around the crust
         about the same width (use the
         stripes here to stretch across the
         diameter of the quiche)
     5. Arrange the rack about 4 inches
         or the second last position from
         the bottom of the oven
     6. Preheat oven at 325F

Starbucks Spinach Quiche Step3

      7. Combine ricotta cheese,
          spinach, egg, salt and pepper in
          a mixing bowl and transfer to
          another frozen pie crust
      8. Use a spatula to level the filling
          evenly in the pie crust

Starbucks Spinach Quiche Step4

      9. Use the butter knife helps you to
          lift up the cut out stripes

Starbucks Spinach Quiche Step5

    10. Strategically put the stripes on
          top of the filling to make a
          crisscross pattern

Starbucks Spinach Quiche Step6

   11. Bake it for 45-50 minutes until
         the knife inserted at the center
         and come out clean (there may
         be a few tiny bits of cheese
         sticking on the knife. But it's ok.
         As long as the filling coated on
         the knife does not look like raw
         eggs or runny egg york)
   12. Rest for 5 minutes before serving

Starbucks Spinach Quiche Step7

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