Summer Fruit Salad Recipe

Spicy Watermelon Pineapple Palm Heart Salad
Healthy, Easy, Sweet, Spicy, Hot, Refreshing.
This Salad Has It All.

This summer fruit salad recipe uses the most common fruit ingredients during the season.  But there is some kick in its flavor which makes it so exciting.

This summer fruit salad recipe is a flavor explosion of heat, sweetness and tanginess.  This is THE refreshing dish that you can’t miss.

Total Time:
Prep Time
: 10-20 Minutes  

Active Cook Time: ZERO  
Serving: 4-6

The name of this recipe, spicy watermelon pineapple palm heart salad, tells you all what ingredients are in this easy healthy side dish.

One of the ingredients may be new to you, i.e. Hearts of Palm (a.k.a. Palm Heart, chonta, palm cabbage or swamp cabbage). 

I always love to try new ingredients.  In fact, I love to explore new ingredients every week in the grocery stores.  Not only because I want to get some ideas to write new recipes, but also, my L.O.V.E. of adventures, especially with food.

When I first took a bite of the heart of palm, I almost wanted to throw it away.  It is literally tasteless other than the saltiness from the brine in the bottle. 

But with the dressing and the combination of other ingredients in this summer fruit salad recipe, it will bring out the best out of this healthy and exotic ingredient.

If you are interested in “How’s It Made” of the Heart of Palm, check out this short video from the Science Channel.

Spicy Watermelon Pineapple Palm Heart Salad - This summer fruit salad uses the most common fruit ingredients during the season.  But there is some kick in its flavor which makes it so exciting.


Depending on your budget and time, if you buy the pre-cut watermelon, it will save you a lot of time.  However, it definitely costs a lot more. 

I use canned pineapple here mainly for the purpose of time saving.  You surely can buy a fresh pineapple and cut it yourself.  I don’t recommend to buy a pre-cut one because it is expensive.  Besides, most of the time, it is cut before it is ripe.

Chili sauce is optional.  Chutney is spicy and hot already.  If you only want to have a little touch of heat, skip the chili sauce.

Hearts of Palm is either in bottle or can.  It is available in the canned vegetables or international aisle.

You can ask your child(ren) to come in to make this easy healthy recipe with you.  This is also great to bring to a cookout gathering.

Summer Fruit Salad Recipe and Directions


8 Cups Watermelon (cut in chunks or bite size)
1 Can Pineapple Chunks (14.5oz drained)
1 Bottle Hearts of Palm (14.5oz drained; cut in slices about ¼ inch)
¼ - 1/3 Cup Mango Chutney
1 tablespoon Chili Sauce (or Sriracha; please feel free to adjust the amount of this ingredient based on your tolerance of heat)


  1. Combine watermelon, pineapple and hearts of palm in a big salad bowl.
  2. In a separate mixing bowl, whisk to combine mango chutney and chili sauce.
  3. Pour the dressing into the salad bowl.
  4. Lightly toss to coat.
  5. Let it chill in the fridge for at least an hour to let all the flavors marry together before serving.

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