Perfectly Cooked Corn On The Cob
A Basic Skill To
Bring Out The Best Of The Best

This perfectly cooked corn on the cob recipe is for the stove top.  If you have a burner next to your grill, I encourage you to cook the corn on the burner, especially on a hot summer day.

Perfectly Cooked Corn On The Cob

Prep Time: 10 Minutes   Cook Time: 25-30 Minutes   Serving: 4-8

Do you find that some basic cooking skills are so hard to get a grasp on?  In fact, these skills are the determined factors of a good cook or a good chef.

Cooking corn on the cob is one of the best examples.  Why?  If you had ever experienced to buy the best corn on the cob in the local farm market, you were anticipating that nice, fresh, crisp and sweet corn on the cob.  Next, you realize that they are chewy.  What happened?  It was overcooked.  How disappointing, huh?

Where the corn comes from and when they harvest it definitely makes a big difference of the quality.  With this method, you will bring out the best out of it.

The other thing I want to emphasize....this recipe calls for Himalayan Pink Salt and Cane Sugar.  You may think that they are just fancy ingredients.  In fact, making this recipe countless time, I found that these 2 ingredients make a huge difference in taste.

Once you try them, you know what I mean.  And you don't want to go back to regular salt and sugar.

Besides, they are 100% natural which have more health benefits for you, especially the Himalayan Pink Salt.

So, learn this recipe and enjoy the corn on the cob this summer.

Perfectly Cooked Corn On The Cob

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Perfectly Cooked Corn On The Cob


6-8 Ears Corn on the Cob (husk removed)
1 teaspoon Salt (preferably Himalayan Pink Salt.  Otherwise, table salt is fine.)
1 tablespoon Sugar (preferably Cane Sugar.  Or, regular granulated sugar is fine.)

  1. Remove and discard husk
  2. Fill up the pot with water and the corns submerged into it
  3. Bring the water to a boil
  4. Add 1 teaspoon Himalayan Pink Salt and 1 tablespoon cane sugar
  5. Lower the heat and simmer with lid on for 20 minutes and serve along with butter

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