2 Layer Jello Recipe

Patriotic Jello Cups Bring Kitchen Fun with Kids

This 2 layer jello recipe is super versatile.  Changing the colors will make this dessert go with whatever party theme you want to have.  It also keeps your little ones busy and make them proud of themselves being a good helper.

Last Updated: Sep 5, 2023.

2 Layer Jello Recipe | Patriotic Jello Cups

Total Time:
10-15 Minutes
Prep Time
: 10-15 Minutes  

Active Cook Time: ZERO  
Inactive Cook Time: ZERO  
Serving: 8-9

This recipe was created for kids because when my son was 4-5 years old, he loved to make jello.  Not only he learned how to make something special in the kitchen, but also I learned the difference between cooking with the little ones vs grown-ups.

As you know that I always encourage families to cook with their children because I learned a lot throughout my experience with my mom.  Besides, the memories we created together will stay with us forever.  It helps kids to be independent and self-sufficient.  There are more benefits that I can mention here. 


Due to the popularity, we are sharing more ideas to make this 2 layer jello recipe more family-friendly for entertainment at any time and any occasion.

Bear in mind that there is no limit to your imagination and creativity, but the sky.

There are many brands of flavored gelatin powder in the market. Some of the brands may not be popular in the US. But there are some very well-known brands in other countries that I had seen since my childhood with special flavors, such as cola, coffee and etc. With the convenience of online shopping, you may find more flavors and colors to create different themes.

Remember the lighter color is always at the bottom layer. The darker one is at the top. So that the colors will stand out. Here are several color and party theme ideas with gelatin powder flavors:

New Year

Darker yellow (apricot) and Red (black cherry, cherry, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry and strawberry banana)

Valentine's Day

Pink (watermelon) and Red (black cherry, cherry, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry and strawberry banana)

St. Patrick’s Day

Yellow (pineapple, lemon or apricot) and Green (lime)


  1. Yellow (pineapple, lemon or apricot) and Pink (watermelon)
  2. Pink (watermelon) and Light Blue (berry blue)


Blue (berry blue) and Green (lime) with umbrellas


  1. Red (black cherry, cherry, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry or strawberry banana) and Black (grape/purple jello. It will come out look like black.)
  2. Orange (orange or peach) and Green (lime)
  3. Red (black cherry, cherry, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry or strawberry banana) and Purple (grape)
  4. Green (lime) and Purple (grape) (check out this recipe by adding some candies to blend in the theme.)


Yellow (pineapple, lemon or apricot) and Orange (orange or peach)


Orange (orange or peach) and Red (black cherry, cherry, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry or strawberry banana)


Red (black cherry, cherry, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry or strawberry banana) and Green (lime)

Recipe cut into halfCut down the recipe in half to make it easier for younger children to handle

Steps To Make It More Fun and Safer for Kids in the Kitchen

You can cut this 2 layer jello recipe into half which will make it easier for the younger ones to handle and less mess in the kitchen.

Since we need to use boiling water, adults must accompany with the young children during these steps.  Instead of having the kettle of boiling water pouring directly into the measuring cup, use the following steps for safety purposes:

  • Pot holder (put it under a big mixing/soup bowl)
  • A big mixing/soup bowl (which is big enough to have a measuring cup in there sitting at the bottom very still)
  • A regular coffee cup
  • Measuring cup (Use 1/4 cup (2oz / 60g) for children 8 years old or under.  1/2 cup (4oz / 120g) for older children.  Reason of doing this way because children's motor skill is still developing at this stage.  Many of them may not have the strength to hold a cup filled with boiling water.  So, using a smaller size of measuring cup will make it easier.  Furthermore, there is a lesser chance for them to spill the hot water and hurt themselves in the kitchen.  Also, bear in mind that most girls have more advanced motor skills compared to boys at the same age.  So, adjust the cup size accordingly.)

Here are the steps of how to utilize the above 4 tools to do water measuring with children:

  1. Pour boiling water into a coffee cup.
  2. Put a measuring cup into a big soup bowl.
  3. Then, pour boiling water from the coffee cup into the measuring cup carefully.
  4. The bowl will catch all the spilled boiling water.
  5. Then, carefully to help a child to transfer boiling water into the mixing bowl with jello mix.
  6. Repeat these steps for measuring the rest of the required water quantity with kids.
Kitchen tools for small childrenUse these kitchen tools for small children to handle hot water and/or mixing
Coffee cup transferring hot waterUse coffee cup to transfer hot water into a measuring cup

2 Layer Jello Recipe and Instructions

1 Box (6oz / 170g) Strawberry/Raspberry Gelatin Mix (or other flavor and red in color)
1 Box (6oz / 170g) Blue Raspberry Gelatin Mix (or other flavor and dark blue in color)
1 can (6.5oz / 184g) Whipped Cream
8 to 9 9-oz (255g each) Clear Plastic Disposable Cups (or any glassware in similar shape and size)
11" x 9" (28 x 23 cm) Baking Dish

  1. Line plastic cups in a baking dish for easy transferring and cleanup.
  2. Follow package instructions to make red gelatin first, use a half-a-cup measuring cup to evenly distribute mixture among plastic cups.
  3. Chill in fridge for at least 60-90 minutes.
  4. Then, prepare blue gelatin according to package instructions and distribute mixture evenly among plastic cups and add on top of the red gelatin.
  5. Chill in fridge for at least 4 hours until gelatin is set.  
  6. Top with whipped cream or ice-cream to make Old Glory Jello Cups.

2 Layer Jello Recipe Steps with Photos

Ingredients to make jello cups3 easy ingredients
Plastic cups in baking dishLine plastic cups in a baking dish
Dissolved red gelatinDissolve red gelatin mix according to package instructions
Transferring gelatin into cupsUse a measuring cup to distribute gelatin mixture into cups
Gelatin in cupsChill in fridge for 60-90 minutes
Gelatin in a cupFirst layer is slightly set and cold
Dissolved blue gelatinPrepare blue gelatin mixture according to package instructions
Blue gelatin in cupsAdd blue gelatin mixture on top of the red gelatin layer
2 layer jello cupYour 2 layer jello cup look
Patriotic Jello CupsAdd whipped cream on top and ENJOY!

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