21-Day Fix Meal Ideas

Make Weekly Dinner Planning
Easy and Affordable

21-day fix meal ideas give you the flexibility, freedom and power on meal planning and give you back the time to focus on something more important in life.

21-day fix meal ideas give you the flexibility, freedom and power on meal planning and give you back the time to focus on something more important in life.
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No matter if you are a stay-at-home or working parent(s), kids' school schedule is fixed.  Once school is dismissed for the day, extracurricular schedule all jams in at the same time.  I always feel like I run like a headless chicken all the time.  And we always joke about it and laugh it off.

Anyway, while your child(ren) is/are having fun in these activities, you need to worry about the homework and dinner.  I am glad that I only have one that we can work around his schedule between my husband and I. 

As my husband's job changes its nature, I personally experience more and more time that I have to take care of everything on my own instead of relying on my spouse to help out.  Honestly, there were weeks I felt like I were a single mom.  So, I know how overwhelmed that is.

Within our circle of friends, many families have 3 or more children.  Even parents work hand in hand to juggle between their children's time.  We still hear complaints from these parents their difficulties between jobs, school and after school activities.

It makes more sense to be more routine and always predictable.  As much as we all love to try something new, sometimes with something repetitive like recipes in this ebook, 21-Day Fix Meal Ideas, are more realistic.

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Why These 21-Day Fix Meal Ideas?

There are 3 weeks meals plans and shopping lists.  Each week has 7 dinners.  Why did I pick these 21 recipes?  They either have all or some of these common themes:

  1. All ingredients are available throughout the year and/or have relatively longer shelf life.  Just in case you can't make that special trip to the supermarket, you are still good to go for another week. 
  2. These recipes are suitable for all seasons regardless what the weather and temperature is like.
  3. It takes 30 minutes or less to get dinner on the table.
  4. Some recipes are purely made out of the pantry staples.

What Is In 21-Day Fix Meal Ideas E-Book?

Of course, there are 21 delicious easy dinner recipes in the book. Here are just a few:

Pineapple Kielbasa Spinach Pasta
One-Pot Sausage Raisins Wild Rice
Thai Chicken Noodle Bowl
Beef and Vegetable Stew
No Prep Stir-Fry Vegetable Noodles
English Muffin Breakfast Casserole
Chicken Scampi Spaghetti
One-Pot Pantry Tomato Olive Pasta

But wait....there are plenty of things included there:

  1. Instruction of how to use this book - sharing with you more tips to save money, time and avoid hassles and headaches.
  2. 3-week dinner menus - yes, they are all planned out for you.
  3. 3-week shopping lists - no kidding....that is how easy it is.  Bring the list with you, shop and check it off.
  4. A blank shopping list - just in case you want to switch everything up.  You have a lot of flexibility to make them work perfectly for you and your family
  5. BONUS......buy it now, you have all 21 recipes in Letter size, 4" x 6" and 5" x 7" index card formats

NO shipping and handling.  You will receive the PDF file instantly.  You can open the file from your PC, tablets and even smart phones.    Click here to download the FREE Adobe software.

USD $4.99

Awesome Gift Idea

If you see someone you love and care, like your spouse or a friend, struggling to get new dinner ideas, this will be THE gift.

OK, you think that it is awful cheap to buy a gift for someone else, right?

Well, let's look at it in this way.  When I saw some housework done by my husband without asking, that was priceless.  It was more than a nice dinner date I can ask for.  Because he lifted some of my workload off of my plate.

Think about it if it is your spouse or a friend, what kind of reaction will you get to receive such a thoughtful gift? 

So, go ahead and click "Buy Now" and get it instantly.

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