Pepperoni Tomato Cheese Bites
A Healthy Party Recipe Keeps
Your Diet Plan In Check

This pepperoni tomato cheese bites recipe was inspired by the regular pepperoni pizza without the dough part.

Pepperoni Tomato Cheese Bite A Healthy Party Recipe Keeps Your Diet Plan In Check

Prep Time: 30 minutes of assembling   Serving: 8-10

This party recipe has all the ingredients you snack on when there is a party. But 99% of the time, each is on a separate plate. Your guests and/or you will only grab whatever you want or closest by you without paying attention much about how much sodium and calories putting into your body within a couple hours of the day.

But if anyone is on diet, this is an awesome finger food recipe. Each bite only has one slice of pepperoni which limits the sodium intake. The cheese is cut into a relative small size. Each bite has a grape tomato coming with it. In other words, you consume some fiber while you are snacking.  I can assure you that your guests will appreciate the extra mile you went for them.


8 ounces (1/2 block) Low moisture mozzarella cheese (cut into about 1/4" cubes; I prefer Sorrento brand)
1 pack (5 ounces) Pepperoni slices (need about 70 slices; cut into halves; can use the low sodium one)
2 pints Grape tomatoes (rinsed and dried with paper towel)
Colored Toothpicks

Pepperoni Tomato Cheese Bite ingredients
  1. Take half a slice of pepperoni and put on top of a grape tomato
  2. Use a toothpick to thread through both
  3. Use another half a slice of pepperoni and wrap around a cheese cube
  4. Thread both with the same toothpick to make it at the bottom of the tomato
  5. Repeat the last few steps until all the ingredients are gone
How each pepperoni tomato cheese bite looks like


Only recommend to have your child(ren) to help you in assembling the ingredients if he/she is around 6 years old

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