Slow Cooking Lentil Soup
Easy, Affordable, Healthy and Filling

Compared this slow cooking Lentil soup to the stove top one, this is definitely a winner.

Slow Cooking Lentil Soup

Prep Time: 5 Minutes   Inactive Cook Time: 4-8 Hours  Serving: 4-6

Just in case you have never tried Lentil before, it belongs to the legume family. It is very healthy and filling. It is always in a dried form. If you look for it in the
supermarket, it is always in the same section of the dried beans. You don't need to pre-soak the lentil for this recipe, but rinse it very well.

My mom taught me that when it comes to dried beans or any ingredients from the legume family, discard the pieces floating on the water. Those are no good.

Another rare ingredient that I use in this slow cooking lentil soup is smoke pork hock. Its main purpose is to give the flavor to this soup. The fat helps to break down the lentil as well.

It is always in the same section with ham and salt pork in the store. It is easier to find this ingredient during the holiday season, like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

There was a time that I had some sliced Lebanon bologna on hand.  I gave it a rough chop and cooked it together with the rest of the ingredients and replaced the smoked pork hock. The flavor didn't come out as great as using pork hock.

But it is good to know that there are alternatives out there if you have the hard time to find smoked pork hock, right?


1 pound Dried Lentil
1-2 pounds Smoked Pork Hock (2 pounds is the maximum quantity for this recipe.  Otherwise, it will be very salty.)
1 Onion (diced)
1 pound Baby Carrots
6 Ribs Celery (diced)
6-8 Cups Water
Salt and pepper (hold the seasoning. Serve it along with the soup because the pork hock may be enough to season the soup)

  1. Rinse the Lentil thoroughly
  2. Discard any pieces floating on top of the water
  3. Put the ingredients in this order into the slow cooker: onion, Lentil, pork hock, carrots, celery and water
    (6 cups of water will make the soup as thick as stew. 8 cups definitely will thin the soup out. But it won't be too watery.)
  4. Cook in high heat for 4 hours or low for 8 hours

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