No-Bake 5-Minute Canned Chicken Dip Keto Low-Carb Style

Super Quick and Easy to Make

This canned chicken dip can be so many things.  Super easy to make.  It is low carb.  Perfect for entertainment or a super busy worker to snack and re-energize throughout the day.

No-Bake 5-Minute Low-Carb Keto Chicken Dip

Total Time:
5 Minutes
Prep Time
: 5 Minutes  

Active Cook Time: ZERO  
Serving: 6-12

I always think of something to snack on, especially something with tons of fiber.  But just vegetables could be boring after a while.  There needs to be something mixed up to have some flavors.  That was how this recipe created.

This dip is perfect for outing.  Bring it along as a snack.  It will fill you with a lot of energy.


I like celery that not only it has tons of fiber, but also it acts like a spoon that hold up a big chunk of dip very well.

You can add endives, bell peppers, other vegetables and/or tortilla chips on the side.

I like Avocado mayo.  Feel free to replace with any kind, such as regular or olive oil mayo.

This canned chicken dip is very versatile.  You can kick it up a notch by adding Buffalo seasoning, ranch, Buffalo ranch or totally skip it and the cayenne pepper.

Drained canned chickenUse celery, bell peppers and/or chips for easy spooning up the dip

Canned Chicken Dip Recipe and Directions

1 can (12.5oz / 354g) Chicken Meat (drained well)
1 Avocado (seeded and diced)
2 tbsp Bacon Bits (divided)
1/2 cup (4oz / 101g) Avocado Mayo
1/2 cup (4oz / 101g) Sour Cream
A dash of Cayenne Pepper (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste


  1. In a mixing bowl, use a fork to mash and combine everything together.  Make sure to reserve 1 tbsp bacon bits for garnish later.
  2. When it is combined, transfer to a dipping bowl and serve with any kind of vegetables.

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Canned Chicken Dip Steps with Photos

5 ingredients and 5 minutes are all you need.5 ingredients and 5 minutes are all you need.
Drain one can of chikenDrain one can of chiken
A diced avocadoDice an avocado, discard pit and skin
Combine chicken and avocado in a bowlTransfer diced avocado into the same bowl with chicken
Sour cream and mayoAdd sour cream and mayo
Cayenne pepper, an optional ingredientAdd cayenne pepper (optional), salt and pepper to taste
Real bacon bitsAdd real bacon bits
Mash and mix all ingredients together to make canned chicken dipMash and mix all ingredients together
Garnish with more bacon bitsGarnish with more bacon bits
ENJOY with celery, other vegetables and chipsENJOY with celery, other vegetables and chips

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