One Pot Meal
Best Fried Rice Recipes

How to make the best fried rice recipes as good as any Chinese restaurants out there?

Best Fried Rice Recipes

Fried rice definitely is under the category of easy dinner idea. It's always a one-pot meal. It uses up the leftover that you won't be guilty of wasting food.

Over 90% of the time, the ingredients used in a fried rice recipe are the staples in your pantry or freezer. You can make all different fried rice dinner without any
limitation, except your imagination.

The nice thing is that you can add many healthy ingredients in the fried rice and make it an easy, gluten-free and guilt-free dinner. Isn't that nice?

Tips Making Best Fried Rice Recipes

Here are several tips and secrets for you:

Rice matters

Fried rice, fried rice....of course, rice is the main ingredient of this one-pot meal.

I assume you cook the rice from scratch instead of using the quick cooking rice from the box.

The rice we use and talk about here is white long grain rice, not brown rice, wild rice or sushi rice.

Rinse The Rice

1. Rice must be rinsed before cooking. The rice can't have too much starch. When the rice is cooked, does that mean you can go ahead to cook fried rice? Unfortunately, no.

Freshly cooked rice can never make a great fried rice dish, not to mention the best one.  But a pot of perfectly steamed white rice will set you up for success. 

Must Be Rice Leftover

2. It must be rice leftover. Rice needs to be dry enough to make fried rice. The freshly cooked rice you just made in step one needs to wait until tomorrow before you can use it for any best fried rice recipes.

What I always do is that I will at least double the quantity of the steamed rice. So, I can serve the fluffy rice tonight and have enough leftover for a delicious fried rice dinner for the other night during the week.

Be Patient To Warm Up The Rice

3. Once you start cooking, the rice must be nice and warm in the pot before you can add other ingredients. The best indicator is to see if the rice still sticks together. This process takes time. Be patient.

When the grains are bouncing on the pot, you can start adding eggs. Always add one ingredient at a time.

Eggs added on top of the hot rice to make best fried rice dishesInstead of adding beaten egg, a best fried rice dish should have the eggs added directly on top of the hot rice to give the golden color.

Add Eggs On Top Of The Hot Rice

4. Instead of adding the beaten eggs, crack the eggs directly on top of the hot rice.  Stir until the eggs are combined and set with the rice. The traditional fried rice is
light golden in color. But always feel free to add some dark soy sauce to give some color to the rice just like the Chinese restaurants do.

A Lot Of Oil

5. If you are on diet, fried rice may not be something that you want to have. It is called fried rice which means it needs oil. I mean a lot of oil. A typical fried rice dish
uses at least 1/4 cup of oil. Most of the time, it needs more than that.

However, you can improvise. One of the solutions is to have some nice cooking pots and pans. Like the Dutch oven from the Paula Deen series helps you from using too much oil.


6. There are some condiments that they always use in the best fried rice recipes, such as the "superior light" soy sauce, "superior dark" soy sauce, scallion (optional) and sesame oil. If you don't have the last 2, don't sweat it.

Easy On The Sauce

7. Most fried rice recipes do not have sauce. I mean the quantity of sauce like in a pasta dish. Therefore, when you add soy sauce or other sauces, go easy. Otherwise, the fried rice will be mushy.

Now, we have covered the tips and techniques of making the best fried rice dishes, let's check out what fried rice recipes awaiting for you to enjoy.

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