10 Easy Dinners with Ground Beef

Way To Save Money And
Make Healthy Homemade Meals

These 10 easy dinners with ground beef for meal prep is a way to save money and time.  Any leftover from a big cookout, here are some great ideas to use up the leftover, too.

10 Ground Beef Recipes for Meal Prep is a great way to use ingredients, especially when it is on sale, to make several homemade meals with awesome flavors.

Who doesn't like to save money, right? 

When ground beef is on sale, typically, we will think about making burgers.  However, discount price is usually applied to big quantity of purchase.  Does that mean you have to make burgers? 

No, absolutely, not.  Because even a burger fan gets tired of the same thing over and over so many times.  Here are 10 ground beef recipes for your meal prep.  Believe it or not, you can go all out making Chinese with ground beef.

10 Easy Dinners with Ground Beef Roll Call

Chinese Beef Mushrooms with Oyster Sauce

People love to pair steak and mushrooms together.  Why not do it in a Chinese way?  This is an heirloom recipe which is great for steamed white rice.

Ground Beef Egg White Fried Rice

What to do with the leftover steamed rice?  This is the perfect recipe for it.

Ground Beef Egg White Fried RiceGet Recipe

5 Spice Beef Rice Broccoli

Beef and broccoli is always on a Chinese take-out menu.  Adding Chinese Five Spice into it, oh man, oh man, this brings you to another whole new level.

Beef Spinach Tofu Soup

If you are very health conscious, spinach and tofu could possibly on your good list.  Adding some ground beef into this soup will give it more flavor.

30-Minute Chili Cheese Dog Pasta Casserole

Burger and hot dogs are not only for cookout, but also for comfort food.

One-Pot Beef Taco Salsa Black Bean Spaghetti

How much do we love one-pot meal?  A lot.  This is like a beef taco dinner but having it in a spaghetti way.

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Who doesn't like spaghetti?  Best of all, save 2 cups before serving.  Why?  Keep reading.

Spaghetti Sauce Vegetable Soup

Those 2 cups you saved earlier are perfect for this soup recipe.  You will be amazed the flavor, thickness and, best of all, the ease to make dinner.

Slow Cooker Golabki Polish Stuffed Cabbage Roll Soup

Traditional stuffed cabbage rolls could be very time consuming.  But when you are in a hurry, make an un-stuffed one like this.

Sonic Chili Cheese Tots

As much as you and I love to enjoy a trip going to a fast food chain, this recipe is super for feeding a big crowd with crazily low price.

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