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Mother's Day Dinner Ideas
Mom's Happiness Is
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Alternative Mother's Day dinner ideas?  Is it too risky?  Well, it depends on how adventurous your mother is.  Throughout out all these years of experiences and observations, I learn that moms actually love to take that adventure.

Mother's Day Dinner Ideas

Who is the boss in the house, mom or dad?  In my family, for 3 generations, moms have been the bosses in the house.  Everybody will work harder and do more when it comes to Mother's Day Dinner ideas.

Mothers always worry about their figures.  They like to eat healthy.  They also like to eat with their eyes.  Most of the time, they are more open-minded when it comes to food.

I picked Chinese food as Mother's Day Dinner ideas because of my experiences and observations in the last few years.

My mom's mantra when it comes to dining out, "Why do you want to order something that you can make at home?  Order something new.  Order something you either don't know how to make or don't make very often at home."  As much as she loves to travel and check out new places and new food, after a short while, she needs to have some Chinese food fix.  I guess she is just traditional at heart.

My American mother-in-law loves Chinese food because she doesn't cook it or buy it on her own very often.  My sister-in-law loves to take her food adventures.  One year, we bought both of them a Chinese dinner for their Mother's Day celebration.  I could tell from their faces that it would be something that they would love to do it again.

So, here is my Chinese-themed Mother's Day Dinner ideas:

Authentic Chinese Hot and Sour Soup

Soup is always an appetizer in a traditional Chinese dinner. Since this is such a popular soup in the west, how could I skip it, right?

No-Prep Stir-Fry Vegetables Noodles

Noodles are always in celebration Dinner/meal.  It means longevity.  Which mother doesn't want to live long enough to witness her child(ren) grow old and happy?  Make sure to tell her the meaning of the noodles in Chinese.  She will love it.

Pina Colada Popsicles

Most mothers worry about their figures.  This popsicle dessert is just a right portion to keep mom happy.  Plus, pineapple and coconut are 2 major ingredients used in Asian cooking.  It just works perfectly for the theme.

Mother's Day Brunch

Casserole Brunch

These casserole recipes are very filling.  It feeds a big crowd and can easily wash down with some sparking wine or other alcohol.

Just in case you need more to feed everybody, throw in a 3rd one.

Semi-Homemade Pastry Brunch

Everybody can go to a great bakery to get some nice pastry and enjoy.  Nothing better than adding some of your twists and show some love to mom, right?

Pancake Breakfast

Pancake breakfast could be very interesting.  Throw in this thin crepe-like pancakes with another savory spinach pancake recipes would make a boring breakfast to be an interesting one.

They both need your attention throughout the entire cook time.  So, keep your oven on at 250F.  Transfer them into the oven and keep them warm until serving.

"Twisted" Waffle and French Toast Breakfast

These 2 recipes are served in a non-traditional ways.  The Peanut Butter French Toast is in Hong Kong style.  The Ham Waffle Sandwich was inspired by a restaurant recipe.

They sure give you a lot to talk about on the dining table.

Recipe Ingredients and Tools

For Practical Mother's Day Gift Ideas

My mom lives in the city, Hong Kong, where everybody lives in an apartment.  Typical family lives in 400-600 square feet apartment.  If it is over 1,000 square feet, it is considered huge and luxurious. 

So, to her, she always appreciates something that would not take up any more room of her living space.  She loves to receive gift that she can use up and be useful to her.

If your mom happens to be similar to mine, here are some practical gift ideas for you:

Customize Your Mother's Day Gift

This is one of the best gift ideas that I had ever found, especially if you live so far away from your mom like me.

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